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Looking for Reliable Car Rekey Services?

Are you looking for rekey car? If you are, then you’re in luck. In some cased, you don’t need a car re-key and instead need a car replacement key. Whichever the case, it is best to consult professionals for the smarter choice. You are right to think that you’ll save more time and money if your choose re-keying instead of completely replacing the lock with a new one. Locksmith Houston offers quick re-keying services, done in our service vans and in our shop located in Houston. Our highly skilled and certified professional locksmiths can re-key your cars in a jiffy at your most convenient schedule. Our locksmith will change the pins inside your lock to make it compatible with a new key. Sounds simple, right? Trained locksmiths make it seem easy especially with the right equipment to work with and even if a lock consists of 6 pins in different sizes.

BH Locksmith Car Re-Key Services

There are plenty of reasons to choose re-key instead or replacing entire locks. If you think you can re-key your car yourself, you can’t. Don’t let amateurs touch your car locks and only choose experts to minimize the cost and avoid damaging your car locks. We won’t have you rekey car if that is not what you need. 90% of the time, replacement keys are what customers need instead of re-keying so consult a locksmith about your options before you request for a particular service. We are particular about this service because if you have your car rekeyed, you lose a valuable asset which is your key code. The code is stored in the dealer’s key code database and in case of a lost key in the future, replacement will be more expensive. But if your car key does not have a chip, re-keying locks is an easy choice to reduce chances of car theft if your key is stolen.

Professional Automotive Locksmith Services in Houston

The best way to get your re-key car service is to choose a company that provides automotive locksmith services. Experts from BH Locksmith specializes in car locks and will take on car rekeying tasks anywhere in Houston, Texas. Our team of technicians and locksmith come with rekeying kits and can quickly finish the process when they conduct their service calls. The kits contain new springs, wafers, face caps and other replacement parts for your lock.

How much does it Cost to Re-key a Car?

If you’re wondering how much it costs to rekey a car, then you’ll have to specify details. The quick re-keying process is not as costly as purchasing a new lock and its installation. In only a few steps, the locksmith can change the lock’s pins ti make it compatible with the customer’s key of choice and keep it secure and safe. If you want to save some more, bring the lock to our shop and have it re-keyed there. Usually you will pay for labor plus trip charge plus ignition rekey plus trunk rekey and door locks rekey. Locksmiths charge by the hour plus price of new parts and the flat rate to rekey your car. If you enlist our services, you get the best rates and the fastest re-key process that won’t add to the labor cost. How much does it cost to rekey a car? Get a free estimate, call us right now at (281) 777-6030.

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