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Functional and Stylish Sliding Doors

Are you looking for sliding door lock repair for your home or business doors? if you are let’s first talk about the importance of sliding doors and why you should opt for professional locksmiths for its lock’s installation and repair. We know that sliding doors are stylish and functional and that this type of door fits most themes for homes and offices. This popular type of door requires a specific type of lock that will be fitting either contemporary architectural styling or compliments the material of the door for a harmonious look and feel throughout the home. Sliding doors are perfect for patios and depending on the lock you prefer, it can function as an added security for homes and offices.

Types of Locks used in Sliding Doors

There are specific locks used in sliding doors which makes door lock repair a complex process. Not every carpenter or construction worker know its mechanism. We’d like to discuss the three popular types for your reference. Furniture locks used in cabinets and desks are used in sliding doors as well. It has two kinds, the bolt style, and the push button style. Then there are the Euro profile cylinders, also known as DIN cylinders, which are more commonly used in Europe, but some Houston-based businesses and homes have adapted this locking device for sliding glass door locks and room dividing doors. It has different types as well including the single cylinder which is one sided, the double cylinder that has a locking cylinder on each side, and the single cylinder with thumb-turn that has a locking cylinder on one side and thumb-turn on the other. Last but the not the least is the Key In Knob Cylinder that is generally found at the heart of most knobs, levers, and lower cost deadbolts. They are also popular in some OEM applications and even used as sliding glass door locks.

Locksmith Services for Door Locks Repair

If you encounter any trouble with your sliding doors, you can’t let just anyone manhandle because of the track and specific lock it requires. Unless you are dealing with a professional locksmith with enough training regarding the complexity of sliding doors, then you may end up wasting time and effort. In case you’re having any trouble opening your sliding doors, you can count on Houston Locksmith assist you in all kinds of and even sliding glass door lock repair. We have a quick responding team of locksmith and technicians who can repair any type of door lock including sliding glass door repair. We can assist homeowners and businesses anywhere within the Houston vicinity 24/7. You should count on us in keeping your door locks fully functional, keeping you and your family safe.

Sliding Glass Door Lock Repair for Homes

Because door locks come in different types, structure, shape, size, manufacturer and specific purpose – door locks are complex which makes installation and repair require very technical skills. Locks cannot be taken lightly because of its safety function and complex mechanism. Professional locksmiths like the ones who work with us in BH Locksmith can handle repair any kind of lock available in the market today. They possess a great deal of technical skill acquired through years of study, training and hands-on application. Enlist the services of our lock specialists for your door lock repair. We know how to safely repair each unique model door lock. What are you waiting for? Let us know which door lock you need to be opened!

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