Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job of a locksmith and what type of services is provided by him?

Locksmiths perform a variety of jobs related to lock and keys system, safes and other safety instruments for your belongings. The commonly requested jobs are emergency lockouts, repair of lock and keys, rekeying and the duplication of keys. But this is not the end and locksmiths also provide services related to electronic, commercial safes, special safety installations and almost everything related to safety of your homes, offices, safes and other belongings.

What is the rekeying service provided by a locksmith?

It is the process of replacement of pins in an existing lock cylinder in order to enable the fitting and working of the new keys. The old keys will no longer work after rekeying.

When and why should I rekey my home or office locks?
  • Are you purchasing a home or office and you are not sure how many keys have been made of the property?
  • Did someone steal your keys?
  • Did you have an employee change and not sure if he has made duplicate keys?

Whenever you face any of the above conditions, you should consider a complete rekeying of your property.

Is it possible to get the same key for all my locks?

Yes, it is possible when the brand of all locks is same. You need to check if the common key goes inside all the locks, even if it does not turn and open the lock. It can be done in this case. But if this does not happen you have to buy new locks of the same kind to get a common key

I have lost my keys. What should I do now?

Call an expert locksmith today. Locksmiths are able to generate new keys for most of the locks which include all types of home, business, automobile and other lock systems.

Is cutting a key by just the code numbers possible?

Yes, in most of the cases keys of can be created by locksmiths from the code number of your lock. This is possible for the code locks of vehicles, padlocks, cabinets and many other systems. But proof of ownership is required as a security procedure.

Do I have to go to my dealer to get a copy of the keys which have in built security?

Not always. You can call an expert locksmith who can help you out in this regard. Your car model number, make and other details will be required.

Do you provide emergency services?

Yes, BH Locksmith is renowned for its 24X7 emergency locksmith services. We will reach you any time of the day or night within 20 minutes of your call and help you in getting out of the lockout situation. We provide emergency locksmith services for all types of homes, businesses and automobile systems.

Why should I hire a professional locksmith?

A professional and skilled locksmith company has a good experience in locks, safes and security issues and are better prepared to solve the lock and keys issues.  A professional company has latest tools and technologies to solve all your security problems whereas an unskilled locksmith can create problems by providing incomplete security solutions to you. The locksmiths hired by professional locksmith companies are trained and licensed and can provide fast solutions to your lock and key problems.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we are always more than happy to offer you discounts. Let us know what type of security solutions you need. We offer free estimates over phone or personal visit, whatever you prefer.

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