Have you locked yourself out of your car? It is really a painful situation with a confusing situation of what to do next. The best way to get inside your locked car is to have a spare key somewhere else and get it to open the car or call auto locksmith Houston. But if you have not done that before, then here are some important tips and you can open your car up without resorting to a call for a tow truck.

 Shoe string Method

This is an excellent solution as most people have a shoe string on their person at any given point of time.  But, it only works on particular cars with a lock ‘peg’ that is pulled upwards to unlock.  In order to open your car door with a shoestring, first of all tie an adjustable loop in the center of the string.  From there, you simply work the shoe string into the car at an angle from the edges of the door.  To get better view, look at the top corner of the door (facing the back of the car).  Put the string behind the corner, holding each end, work the string down behind the weather stripping until it gets inside the car.  At this point, it is just a matter of catching the lock peg with the loop.  Once the peg goes inside the loop, pull each end of the string to tighten the loop around it.  Finally, pull the peg up with the shoe string.  Your car is Unlocked!

 Coat Hanger Way

Although this is somewhat time consuming, it is usually a perfect and sure method and will save a good deal of money of you.  Untwist the coat hanger and work it so that you get a straight piece of wire with a hook at one end of it.  Put the hook end down into the door, through the weather stripping at the base of the car window, and jiggle it around until you discover the locking mechanism.  After a little bit of struggling, the door of your car will eventually unlock.

Rod and Screwdriver method

This method works just as well as the others mentioned here but can cause damage to the interior part of the vehicle.  The method is by far the simplest method of all three methods explained here.  The screwdriver is used at the top of the car door to create a gap between the door and the car frame. From this gap, the rod can be inserted into the gap and simply used to press the unlock button.  This is the quickest method but is more likely to damage the car.
These are the 3 possible ways to get back into your locked car. In case it does not work then you have no option other than to call an Car locksmith Houston.