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There’s A Problem with My Remote Car Key, Now What?

On any given day, without any apparent reason whatsoever, you can suddenly find yourself stuck with a set of car keys that cannot be used to enter your Ford Focus. Yesterday, it worked fine and you could enter your car and start it with no problem. Today, however, is a different story. You suddenly cannot get in your vehicle even if your life depended on it, and you are pretty sure it is because of your remote control key fob.

Ford replacement key HoustonThe sad part is there are probably a hundred different things that could be wrong with your remote control key fob. Some of them could be your fault, like if you dropped your key several times from a medium height or if you somehow dropped your keys into a toilet. These are just some of the occurrences that could leave your remote utterly defective.

However, there are also times when remote fob keys just decide to break. Sometimes, these keys just have a lifespan of a few years before they conk out and give you a hard time. Sometimes it could be something that you have no idea could have happened, like radio signals messing with how your remote communicates with your vehicle.

In the end, whether it was your fault or something else entirely, you have no choice but to get a Ford replacement key Houston.

But before you do, you should first confirm that the problem lies with your remote and not with your vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to use a second remote, if you have one. If the second remote works, then you have pretty much confirmed your first remote is the problem. While this is a hassle, it is the best case scenario, as it leaves you with a working remote and no immediate need to get a Ford key replacement Houston.

However, if you do not have a spare remote or if even the spare remote does not want to work, then you will need to start fixing your problem.

Working with your broken remote

Dealing with the defective remote control car key fob starts with one of the basics of troubleshooting: replace the battery. If it is good enough for your TV remote, then it is good enough for your car keys. Most remote control fob keys allow you to remove the part of the casing that keeps the battery in place. This is usually done with the help of a screwdriver or a coin. Once you remove the part of the casing, simply remove the old battery and replace it with a brand new one. Most car remotes run off small lithium batteries that are easy enough to find at your local hardware store. Make sure to check for the right orientation.

Ford key replacementIf a new battery does not do the trick, it still does not mean that you have to resort to getting a Ford key replacement Houston right away. If you consider yourself a handy person, try taking the battery apart, then fixing it by reattaching all the components, like the buttons that may have come loose. Sometimes, this will mean having to use tools like a soldering iron to strengthen the connection of the remote to the circuit board. This takes a little experience working in a workshop, so this solution might not be for everyone.

Those who consider themselves to be technologically savvy may consider trying to reprogram the remote. This sometimes works because remotes have sometimes been known to lose their memory, effectively losing their connection with the car. Reprogramming is usually simple enough, especially if you are good at following online video tutorials. This does take a little quick information processing on your part, and not everyone is successful at doing it.

If you find that neither of these solutions have provided positive results for you, then you need to start considering getting a Ford key replacement Houston that will let you use your car again. After all, what is the point of your car if you cannot even get inside?

Getting your replacement

First nature to a lot of people would be to go straight to their dealer as soon as a problem like this comes up. This is probably because the dealer does have a good chance of being able to replace your remote control key fob. But there is a catch. A quick online search will reveal plenty of horror stories told from the point of view of someone who went straight to their dealer and had to pay upwards of $350.

There is also the issue of most dealers not really having a sense of urgency when it comes to fixing your problem. Some dealers can take days to give you a Ford replacement key in Houston, leaving you unable to access the inside of your car, much less drive it, during that time.

If not your dealer, then who do you go to? The answer: a good locksmith.

Ford replacement keyLocksmith Houston can give you a Ford replacement key in Houston for the lowest prices, beating your dealer every time. They have a lowest price guarantee, so you can be sure that going to a different locksmith will not result in getting the job done for cheaper. Instead, you have an assurance that the range of prices you receive as a quote will not be exceeded upon your locksmith seeing the full extent of your problem. Replacing your high security car key will usually set you back between $155 and $225, which is much lower than what most dealers and locksmiths will give you.

BH Locksmith also has unparalleled convenience. After you hang up the phone that confirms that you are availing of their services, you get a mobile locksmith specialist within 20 minutes. They can come to you wherever you may be in Houston to replace your remote control key fob. This is especially useful in case you are stranded in an unfamiliar part of the city. Most problems are usually resolved within an hour of the expert’s arrival, so you can be sure that you will be in your car and driving again in no time.