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What You Need to Know About Replacing Transponder Keys

Ignition keys have come a long way since they were first invented. It used to be that inserting a key into a lock was a relatively simple technology involving pins and tumblers that would align in such a way with the pattern on the key that it would allow it to properly open. This technology was used in all sorts of key technology, like safes, doors, and yes, even cars.

GMC key replacementIn fact, there are still quite a few cars today that use this simple key technology to start their engines. Especially when it comes to old models, usually coupled with a manual transmission, these cars still rely on these old keys to work.

However, most cars nowadays, including GMC, use a modified version of the old metal key to work. While the old days just used a piece of metal cut in a special way, a lot of car keys nowadays use a piece of technology called the transponder. So if you want a GMC key replacement Houston, you will probably be asking for as transponder key.

The word “transponder” might sound made up. That is probably because it is made up. The word is a combination of the words “transmitter” and “responder.” This is because a transponder key works in such a way that uses a transponder chip to make sure that the key is the same one that that belongs to the owner. When the transponder key is turned in its ignition, the chip works by receiving signals from the car. When the chip receives these signals, it then transmits an answer in the form of a code designed to disarm the immobilizer of the car. This allows the car to run.

Sounds simple enough? In essence it is that simple. However, the implications when it comes to getting a GMC key replacement in Houston is huge, especially when you consider that the transponder chip adds a piece of technology that adds a major step in replacing the key.

History of Anti-Theft

On the surface, the technology sounds like just another way for the car manufacturers to add to the cost of their vehicles. But in reality, transponder keys are one of the first efforts by the automobile industry to address the concerns car owners had about theft.

GMC replacement keyBack in the early nineties, the number of thefts in Germany increased dramatically over a few years. This presented a big problem with insurance companies at the time, as they could not properly insure cars without charging huge amounts to the consumer, with the risk of the car being stolen being so high. To address the problem, the insurance companies basically passed the responsibility to the car manufacturers. The transponder keys were the response of the automobile industry to the demands of the insurance companies.

Transponder chips are basically an anti-theft measure found in the head of your key, not to be confused with the remote control that is sometimes found on the handle of a key. If someone were to make a copy of the metal part of your key, they can only get as far as getting inside your car, as the key will be able to open the car door. However, their key will not be able to turn the ignition because it does not have the proper transponder chip installed in it.

The only ones that can duplicate a key in such a way that includes its transponder are those with the latest technological equipment that common criminals do not have. These are usually owned by locksmiths, like those that can give you a GMC key replacement in Houston.

Unless they have the particular machines needed to copy the code of your transponder, they will not be able to disarm the immobilizer of your car, making their key practically worthless.

The best part is that, since you are the legal owner of the car, you have the authority to have a locksmith make you a legitimate GMC key replacement Houston, complete with a functioning transponder. This is why the transponder is such an effective anti-theft system.

Getting this replaced

Since you know that you are the only one that can get your transponder key replaced, you will need to know how to go about replacing it. While a dealer may be the first choice that comes to mind, most dealers will charge you far too much for providing a GMC replacement key Houston.

GMC replacement key HoustonYour best bet will be to find a good locksmith with competitive prices. A quick search in the Houston area will let you know that your best choice would be Houston Locksmith. They have a lowest price guarantee to make sure that your transponder key is replaced without any unnecessary costs. Off their website, they charge anywhere between $110 and $175 to replace a transponder key. This is far lower than what most locksmiths will charge and it is definitely much lower than what a dealer will charge.

You are also sure to get the best service. Remember that transponder keys do come with a bit of technology. As such, these will need some degree of programming, depending on what specific kind of transponder key you have. BH Locksmith has the latest technology, so you can be sure that your replacement key will be made with the utmost professionalism. As expert locksmiths, they will ask for proof of ownership upon entering the car, so you know that no one can use them to steal your car.

The best part is that they have a mobile locksmith service that goes to you wherever you are in Houston. This means that you get your GMC replacement key in Houston within 20 minutes of you placing your call. Upon arrival, the skills level of their locksmiths are capable of replacing most transponder keys, as well as other types of keys, without an hour of arriving. You can give them a call any time of day or night, within Houston, and get your transponder key replaced for the lowest possible cost.

Now that you know how a transponder key works, you can easily know what you are getting yourself into when you have it replaced.