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high security door locks HoustonToday, when you read magazines and online posts, there are several articles and essay that talk about locksmith Houston. However, not all of these are written with regards to keys. A good locksmith like High Security Locks Houston can work with all kinds of locks and tools, hard ware and other forms of security devices, which serves as an essential part to their job. Without highly efficient and functioning key, a lock can be just a device, which cannot close and open itself. Most locks serves as stationary objects, particularly on the installation of several kinds of house doors. Aside from mobile locks, padlocks are also docile in nature. One of the best ways to secure the key is to duplicate it from us, High Security Locks Houston.

Types of Keys That We Duplicate at High Security Door Locks Houston

We at High Security Door Locks Houston offer the following key duplication services:

  • House Keys – this is the most common type of key. It is very essential to residential properties so we make sure that they will have an authentic copy of this key.
  • Car Keys – automobile or car keys are mainly used for the purpose of opening, closing and starting a car. We make sure that the car keys we have are made of the best and the highest quality so that car owners can make sure that their cars are locked properly every time they will leave it on parking areas.
  • Master keys – This type of key serves an important role as it has the capability to operate a number of locks. Basically, there is nothing special with this key but all types of locks can fit perfectly to it. Therefore, we are making sure that the key duplication of master keys are of the best and the highest quality.
  • Control keys – These kinds of keys are mainly used in the removable locking systems. We make sure that we can make good duplicate of this key and provide it you in case you lost or misplace it.
  • Transponder key – This type of key is also called as chip keys, wherein the ignition keys of the car is consist of an emitting circuit located inside the car. We make sure that we create an authentic duplicate of this key so you don’t have to worry about it. Even how complicated it is, we can do it for you.
  • Double-sided key– This is very similar to house and cars except of the fact that it contains two sets of teeth. We can duplicate this kind of key with the help of our expect locksmiths.
  • Four sided keys – These kinds of keys contains four sides. Because of the fact that it comes with four sides, it is very hard to duplicate but it is also more durable. With us, High Security Door Locks Houston, you can rest assure that your four sided keys will be duplicated well.
  • Paracentric keys – These keys are especially designed to open paracentric locks and we can also duplicate this kind of lock.

The Key Duplication Method We use In High Security Door Locks Houston

Key cutting has been our main method of doing key duplication. A flat key can suit perfectly to certain machine with an attached blanket placed in a parallel vise. The original key will be removed while its high security locks Houstonblanket will also be removed in the wheel and will be cut. After the process of cutting, we will pursue on creating new key. It is done by the process of scrubbing it in a metal brush to remove the burrs. Burrs are those small pieces of metals, usually seen on the key. If this will not be removed, it can be sharp and can cause foul locks.

We have number of key cutting machines automated less by making use of a milling or grinding equipment. When it comes to key duplication, we are more intense and we require our well trained professional locksmiths to do the task with high quality. We are duplicating keys by having clear margins. Aside from that, the depths of our notches are subject to several wear that promotes changes. In addition, the keys we duplicate has a long depth of all the notches. For that reason, the duplicated keys we have at High Security Locks Houston are very useful and very durable.

Why choose High Security Locks Houston?

If you are living around the area of Houston and you are looking for a great locksmith service provider that can help you with your locksmith needs, then we at High Security Locks Houston is the one you should call. With us, you can rest assure that you will be able to get the best and the highest quality of key duplication you deserve to have.

Aside from key duplication, we also offer other locksmith services like key repair, key replacement and installation for automotive, residential and commercial properties. We only hire the best and the most professional locksmiths in the field and ensure that they are knowledgeable and highly high security door locks Houstonexperienced. We are also open 24 hours a day in the 4 days of the week because we fully understand that accidents can possible take place outside business hours.

So if you want to look for professionals in the industry whom you can trust the safety and security of your properties, High Security Locks Houston is the one that can give you the things you are looking for. We promise to do the job for you in the best and in the highest quality but in a very affordable and reasonable price.

When you call us, our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to answer your questions. They will give you the most accurate details that you need for you to get your locksmith service needs. So, call us today for you to see the great things we have to offer for you as well as to your car, residential and commercial properties. We only aim to give you the best.