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Getting Locked Out of Your Car

It always starts out simple enough. You are driving to the store in your Toyota Camry. You leave your car, then you go in the store.

The problem comes when you get back in your car. That is when you realize that your car key has stopped working, and you run into trouble. You try everything. You press the unlock button several times. You try to open the trunk first. You try to bring the key closer to the receiver of the signal in case there might just be some interference. You even try some weird trick you learned on TV that involved holding your fob key closer to your chin, but nothing seems to work.

Toyota replacement key HoustonYou could have sworn it was working when you got in your car this morning. Simply looking at the remote does not seem to reveal any problems as it looks intact, as if it were perfectly functional. You also know that the batteries were replaced just last month. Overall, you know that with your limited knowledge as a car dealer, you cannot easily diagnose the problem. Perhaps you need an expert to either fix your key or, if the need arises, replace your key.

You know there are several places to get a Toyota replacement key in Houston, but none close enough that you can go to them without leaving your car alone for several hours, especially since you do not have a car that you can use to go to these places.

You consider manually opening your car using the physical key, but you do not want to risk tripping the alarm and causing a racket.

You decide then that you need an expert that can, if needed, provide you with a Toyota replacement key in Houston. And you need that expert to be nearby. You ask around, but there really are none nearby, so what could you possibly do?

If only there was a phone number you could simply call that will bring an expert to you.

The Call

You decide to make a quick internet search, and luckily enough you find Locksmith Houston. While the business address is nowhere near where you are right now, the website of the business claims to be able to get to you within 20 minutes, as long as you are in the Houston area.

You decide to give them a call, and you are greeted by a pleasant voice on the other end of the line that asks what your issue is and why you need a locksmith. You explain that your remote key fob stopped working, and you can no longer use it to get into your car, and you do not even know if you can start the car if you enter. You also make it clear that you have no idea how this could have happened since the battery was replaced just last month.

Toyota replacement keyThe person you are speaking with tells you that you tells that there are a variety of things that could have gone wrong with your key and that you that you will probably need a Toyota replacement key in Houston and asks you if you would like a quote for that. You think that would be best.

He gives you a price range. You ask why he cannot give you an exact price, so he explains that unlike other services that give you the lowest price and are likely to raise the price upon encountering complications to the problem, their business wants to make sure you know the possibilities even before they arrive to fix your problem. You appreciate the heads up.

However, you realize that you do not have enough cash to cover the Toyota key replacement in Houston. You tell him this, so he asks if you have your credit card with you. Since you do, he informs you that you have no problem, as their services can be paid for with a variety of commonly used credit cards.

Upon hanging up, you question whether the locksmith can really reach you within 20 minutes. You decide to save the number for future use.

The Arrival

You see the mobile locksmith arrive from the distance, and you check your watch to discover they are right on time.

The locksmith expert greets you as he gets out of his van, and asks you to explain the problem to him one more time to make sure that he has all the right information. He assures you that he has plenty of experience with cases just like yours and that lockout emergencies are an everyday occurrence for him.

Toyota key replacementHe inspects your vehicle and asks you a few other details. He then goes to his van where you note that he seems to have the latest technology for addressing the problems with your remote fob key. You ask him if he really needs to old key to make a new one, and he lets you know that a lot of customers have actually lost their keys, so there really is no need for the old key.

Within half an hour, he is able to replace your remote fob key. To your great relief, he lets you know that the total cost of your Toyota key replacement Houston is closer to the lower end of your quoted range.

As you hand over your credit card, you ask if their company provides other services involving old fashioned keys, like the one in your older Toyota. He informs you that BH Locksmith is a full service locksmith, dealing with everything from ignition keys to transponder keys, so it would have no problem providing a Toyota replacement key in Houston. He also tells you that, even if the problem is with your lock and not with your key, they can still solve your problem in a quick and timely manner.

He hands you a receipt for the services that he offered, which you inspect and find to be completely legitimate. You thank him for providing an excellent service. He drives off, leaving you quite satisfied that you turned to a professional, affordable locksmith service that catered to your situation.