So you think your home is your castle and that you are protected in it from all harm?
Statistics shows, however, that many accidents are cases of violence happen to take place at home.
Being a locksmith Houston has taught me 3 important lessons about home security that I want to share with you now.

1. The Locks are more important than the Looks

Even the most fortified fortress could be penetrated if the keys to its locks are given out to un-trusted people.
Make sure the keys to your doors are given to as little amount of people as possible.
Not all locks are the same and not all keys are the same.
Make sure you have high quality locks and keys that are hard to duplicate.
The Swedish, German and United States locks are considered generally better than the Chinese locks.
Even the strongest door is not safe if someone just “hides” the key under the entrance carpet or behind the corner plant. Remember to pick a spot better than those above options.

2. Give attentions to the little details

Install doors with the hinges on the inside of the door so the hinges cannot be easily removed.
Check your garage doors to make sure they are completely closed; some thieves can sneak through a very small gap or use it as leverage.
See that the trees in your yard are trimmed so no one can use them to climb into your home’s upper levels.
Trim the bushes and the grass in your yard so no one can use the bushes to hide or camouflage.
Trimmed grass sends the message to thieves that the house is inhabited and well taken care off.
It is like a warning message.

3. A lot burglaries happens when you are in vacation and public holiday when everyone go somewhere

Professional thieves know the best timing to perform their acts, they have the instinct to know if the house was vacant for a week or more.
It’s the small details like the newspaper that was not collected or the full mail box that reveals the house is vacant.
Make sure someone collects your stuff and keeps an eye on it.
When you go on vacation double check that your home is locked and secure.

4. Surveillance cameras – the modern perfect watch dog

A great solution for home security is then the use of surveillance cameras.
20 years ago only government buildings could afford those, nowadays this technology has become rather cheap and affordable for home use.
A professional locksmith Houston can easily install those in a matter of hours and make sure the most vulnerable places in your home are constantly being watched.
Not only does it offer actual protection, it also turns the bad guys off. No one wants to be filmed during a criminal act.


Home security is now more important than ever with our crazy world.
Living in a big metro with increasing crime rates like Houston taught me that better home-security is essential; being a locksmith in Houston is a challenging work that gives live demonstration of the importance of home security.
Your home and family security are your responsibility; however the advice of professional locksmith can be very valuable.
For more info about home security, lock changes, rekey check my site or call me anytime.