What are modern mortise locks?

They are the locks which are present within doors mortises. For more than a century these mortise locks are used in commercial and residential properties and they are nothing new. It is quite possible that you may be using them already in your home doors or offices. The mortise locks are used to ensure that the lock mechanism and the key made is fully covered by the door. In early years the mortise locks employed lever locks.
The Mortise locks are one of the most reliable and secure locking systems and the owners trust them a lot. There are a number of varieties of mortise locks and they come in different models and makes of different manufacturers. The traditional one might appear different from the modern mortise locks but the working pattern will be more or less same. The mortise lock mechanism has a rectangular shaped body which easily fits into the same shaped mortise which is specially engraved in a door on its edge in order to fix it.

Features of modern mortise locks

  • Highly secure for all types of properties – residential, commercial and industrial.
  • Comes with extra useful hardware such as knob, handle, latch etc.
  • Strong metal plate and is fitted perfectly.

How to repair modern mortise locks?

If you have modern mortise locks on your door then you don’t have to panic if something is wrong with them. Repairing modern mortise locks and the key made can be done by a professional locksmith in houston and it does not take much time to do it. If you encounter any problem with the working of your modern mortise lock, then you can take the help of a professional locksmith near you.
First search in Google with the keyword – modern mortise locks repair, etc. and you will find locksmith companies who can help you in getting your job done. Professional companies have trained and experienced professionals who can fix your mortise lock in no time. If you are not able to find someone near you, then ask your friends for recommendations. Generally all the locksmiths perform modern mortise locks repair and installations. Select the company for this work which gives you a better estimate and be in time. In case of emergencies call 24 hour locksmith Houston in your area and get your mortise locks repaired.