When my brother was young, he wanted to be a locksmith In Houston. He was obsessed with padlocks and he had a tool box that had all the collected spoilt padlocks he had gathered in the neighborhood. He also had a collection of key and on weekend, he would sit in a hidden location and what would make you locate him was the sound of his stone made hammers that he used to knock some of the padlocks. However, my parents were not amused about their son being a locksmith and they changed his ambition.

In many places, mostly third world countries where there are a lot of theft cases in houses, locksmiths, most of whom operate in various corners of the streets are distrusted because people believe they help thieves in making master keys which they use to break into people’s houses and take possessions. Whereas they may have that perception, locksmith industry has been successful and employed a lot of people who earn high enough to make their sustain their living standards. Apart from individual locksmiths, there have been companies that are trusted to fix locks in various homes, including providing secure locks and lock combinations to banks and high ranked places.
Most locksmiths specialize in a wide range of locksmith jobs. They manage electronic access systems, installation, repair and maintenance of locks. A wide range of locksmith companies change pin lock of cylinders and safe combinations, help to open doors that owners misplaced keys, open doors of vehicles amongst others.

In many states, certification of a blacksmith is taken seriously. For example, the Common Wealth of Virginia department of Criminal justice in February 2013 released a press release that warned citizens against locksmiths who were unregistered and were using fictitious names of company to charge people above the rate that was charged by genuine registered companies. The release noted that these blacksmiths were going to the extent of accompanying home owners to ATM machines and forcing them to withdraw large amount to pay for the services they offered raising more concern.
Perhaps most residence have been advice on the caution to take when choosing locksmiths to change locks in their homes and the preferred locksmith are registered companies that have vehicles to show how established and known the company is. These companies are also quick in matters of emergencies and respond immediately when called in areas where burglary is rampant. These companies also have insurance and are registered by government to provide the services.

Possibly if my brother would have followed the ambition of being a locksmith Houston, he would have invented something by now because he used to study those padlocks with passion. At one point, I thought he was a genius when we had our padlock messed by a child who inserted a metal in the keyhole that made the key not to open the padlock. He simply looked at the padlock and took out another funny looking key like thing in his tool box and opened the door