One of my former best friends at the University now works for a locksmith Houston. He is doing well at the job and has a happy family. Occasionally, we meet over coffee and share some memories about our past. The climax of this then come when we share our experiences about our jobs and what we had to go through before we secured them.

Whereas I believed that locksmith, as compared to other professions, did not involve much more scrutiny of employees before being hired, as long as one had the skills to work with locks, my friend proved me wrong. My perception was that in their interview, when one was able to show his/ her skills by doing wonders to the lock, until it was properly fixed or combined, then that was the ticket to that job.

However, my friend disapproved this perception. He told me that being a locksmith required detailed scrutiny into individual before they were given certificate to qualify as locksmiths. At that, I had wondered what a locksmith needed a certificate for because their work ended the moment they had that perfect lock installed in your house.

To begin with, as my friend explained, the work of a locksmith needs some ethical conducts that must be approved by authoritative bodies – including the criminal department. In some states, the locksmith criminal records are checked and when criminal activities are discovered that portray unethical conducts, then they fail to get certifications. Besides, most respected locksmith In Houston do a background check on employees before recruiting them, to check if they have some unethical behaviors, even in their homes, and qualified ones get employed.

This scrutiny into locksmith made me inquire what the certificate and this scrutiny had to do with the work of locksmiths; and this is where I got the sense of it. When clients hire locksmiths, they trust their home and families in their hands and put high hopes that their keys are not duplicated by the locksmiths for ill intentions. Then, privacy plays very important roles certified locksmith, working in reputable companies, put people’s privacy as their number one priority. Moreover, certified locksmith companies give quality work and give excellent services and charge lower rates than uncertified locksmiths. It has been observed that most certified companies are not after the money they get from clients; but customer satisfactions and building a good relationship with their customers is their top priority.

In the end, he explained how many home owners have fell victims of falling for fake locksmith companies Houston that advertised about their services and turning out to be unregistered middlemen who were out to exploit home owners, by charging extremely high prices and installing locks that are substandard. After getting such inspirations, I went back and checked my locks and asked the company that had installed them. It was a registered insured company. The question comes, who fixed your locks, the middlemen? Take action now and get a reputable company to inspect your locks